SEO Specialist In Bangladesh

Who Am I?

Hey there, welcome to my website & specially thanks to you because you want to know about me. I’m Md Arif Hossen, A professional Digital Marketing Specialist, an SEO expert, an Entrepreneur, Local SEO, SEO & digital marketing trainer, WordPress Design & Development expert, Content writer, B2B lead generation, email marketing, basic graphic design specialist. I’m specialized in SEO & white hat SEO techniques. I’m a genius at keyword research, on-page SEO, link-building, off-page SEO, social media marketing, social media advertising, content marketing, google search console & analytics, and advanced SEO & digital marketing strategies. Since then, I have used my powerful and first-rate branding techniques to develop and improve the internet presence of hundreds of local and international businesses as well as solopreneurs and individuals. My passion for SEO has enabled me to establish my career as an SEO expert.

The ever-changing nature of SEO motivated me to carry out a number of experiments in accordance with google webmaster rules, which helped me to deepen my understanding and develop my talents in this field. As the trends in internet marketing are ever-evolving, I prefer to stay current on algorithm updates, which is useful when I’m working for a client. In my opinion, local SEO significantly contributes to a local business’s increased search visibility and I’ve always wanted to use internet presence optimization to the best extent possible to assist our regional brands and businesses.

My Education Background:

I completed SSC in 2012 from Shanarpar Sheikh Mortoza Ali High School in Business Studies Group and HSC in 2014 from Sonargaon Degree College. I completed my BBA in Marketing subject in 2018 from New Model University College under National University and I completed my MBA in Marketing subject in 2019 from the same University. My SSC result is “A”, My HSC result is “A-” & My BBA result is first class (Point 3.10)

Why I Choose Digital Marketing And SEO For Profession

At first, I am not a student of computer science but I want to work in the IT sector so I learn to work and work. I first acquired computer knowledge then I thought of building a career in web design and development and I started learning to work. I spent about 6 months working in this sector but I failed. Then I started learning to work with digital marketing & SEO and I saw success. Now I am the best SEO & digital marketing specialist in Bangladesh. I believe in this sector nothing to end that’s why I am still learning. The demand for digital marketing and SEO is increasing day by day. Local businesses have started offering their services online and various establishments are going online. All things considered, the demand for digital marketing and SEO will increase continuously. This is why I have chosen Digital Marketing & SEO as my profession.

My Career

I am an entrepreneur and my company is Digitize Online. On the other hand, I am a freelancer already I am working on Upwork & Fiverr. Already I worked with SMS Higher Education Group UK, SKA Motors, International Education Exchange UK, Dream Prospect, Ready2Drive, Watney College, Dream Tourism, LeShun Arrington, and Care Square.

Message Me For Free Consultation

Md. Arif Hossen

You can hire me for any digital marketing, SEO, WordPress web design, and development work. +01621881527 or contact@mdarifhossen.com

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