Step Of SEO For Beginners & Advantages Of SEO Of Good SEO Career

SEO For Beginners

Welcome to my blog post. Now we will discuss the steps of SEO for beginners & the advantages of Seo for a good SEO career. All of you who are involved in Digital Marketing are familiar with search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is the technique of having your website’s pages appear first in the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing when they search for a specific keyword. Most online marketers do SEO by targeting the Google search engines. To put it simply, search engine optimization is all about getting your website to the top of the search engine. When we search for something specific in a search engine, Google gives us a specific answer or information.

Main Step Of Seo For Beginners :

SEO step by step guide
Step Of SEO
Keyword And Tag Research :

Keyword research is the first step of Seo for beginners. Seo for beginners or all Seo experts the most crucial phase in SEO is keyword research. Keyword research can be done by selecting different countries using keyword planners, keywords everywhere, Aherf, SEMRush, etc. There are also many paid services. Depending on the website and the scope of work, the decision to accept free and paid services will have to be made. Apart from that various SEO plugins are available. Other plugins can be used on WordPress websites such as the Yoast SEO plugin. You must YouTube tag research and provide excellent video descriptions. For YouTube tag research, you can use TubeBuddy or VidIQ.

On-Page Optimization :

On-Page Seo is the second step of Seo for beginners. On-Page Optimization SEO means making the internal structure of a website SEO-friendly. That means working on different aspects of the site in accordance with search engine optimization guidelines. For example site map, keywords, meta tags, post optimization, URL structure, etc.

Off-Page Optimization :

Out off-website, SEO work is called off-page optimization. Notable among the works of off-page optimization are link building, social bookmarking, guest blogging, and forum posting.

White Hat SEO?

The search engine-recognized SEO method is Whitehat SEO. Search engine-specific guidelines are followed in the White Hat SEO method. As a result, if it is possible to rank the site in this way, it becomes long-lasting and effective. There are two parts to White Hat SEO.

Black Hat SEO?

Search engine optimization means getting ranked in search engines. However, it has to follow the specific guidelines of the search engine. But Blackhat SEO does not care about search engine guidelines and only works for ranking so Blackhat SEO. The method is not recognized by search engines. Although it is possible to rank a site temporarily by deceiving search engines, it is usually not long-lasting. It is better not to do black hat SEO.

Now The Question Is How Does The Search Engine Work?


By visiting every page of any of your websites, Google search engine robots save all forms of databases in their databases, as well as the results of the indexed data, which come back to us later when we use the search engine. In today’s competitive industry, search engine optimization (SEO) is critical to product promotion. If you employ SEO to get your product to the top of Google search results, you’ll see a rise in sales because most consumers now look for Google before purchasing products. At the same time, he will be able to know about your product. However, in the case of SEO, one thing to keep in mind is that duplicate content can never be used. It is really harmful in this instance.

Organic and Paid are two types of search results. Now we will talk about organic search results because it is free and paid search results the ad can be given only if you spend money on it. Search engines mainly work with two components. One is Crawler – its main job is to collect information from different websites. For example, through the robot, bot. Algorithm – Here search engine analyzes the information obtained, ranking the content of different pages according to relevancy and quality. SEO algorithms depend on many factors.

Why Do Search Engine Optimization?

Visitors are the lifeblood of a website. Websites without visitors have no value. Why do you write thousands of quality posts on your blog site, but if those posts don’t have readers, will those posts be of any use to you? Of course not! And that’s why every webmaster is desperate to bring visitors to their website. But how will that visitor come? We all know that, when we look for something online, we do have the help of search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. And so the search engine is recognized as the biggest source of visitors. Billions of online users are constantly searching for their desired information with the help of search engines. And so if you can rank your site information in a good position on the search engine site, you will also get your desired visitors. But you want the search engine to show your site in front of your desired visitors, but not! Because all webmasters like you want their site to be in a good position. And so this SEO competition. Another misconception between us, we think I did SEO following the guidelines of search engines and the site went to a good position. This is also a kind of misconception. Because webmasters all make their site SEO friendly. But it is also like a competition. The better the SEO, the more the search engine will give him the rank he deserves. After all, SEO is so important to get the desired visitors from search engines.

Advantages Of SEO:

Advantages Of SEO
Advantages Of SEO

From the above discussion, we can easily understand that there is no alternative to search engine optimization or SEO to bring traffic to the website in an organic way. Now we will know what are the advantages of SEO. There are many advantages of SEO but we will discuss the main & most advantages of SEO.

  • SEO is absolutely free and organic.
  • Good SEO always gives the user a good experience.
  • SEO works very well for collecting quality leads.
  • SEO works 6 times better than paid search.
  • SEO enhances brand acceptance and loyalty.

How To Start An SEO Career?

There are many ways you can start your SEO career. If you want to start working in SEO, You can also start your SEO career by working in any IT organization, which provides SEO services to different organizations or clients. This will enhance your experience and help you understand how SEO is done right now. You can also learn how to do a complete SEO of a site. Because you may not get complete SEO work in freelancing marketplaces. So you can get a good idea from here. But the big problem is, that these companies will not want to hire you without experience. Either you need to have SEO work experience, or you need to have a certification from a quality organization. Notice where you are training from, how acceptable it is, how much knowledge the person who is training you has, or whether he is a famous trainer.

You can also start your SEO career by working in freelancing marketplaces if you want. There are currently many freelance marketplaces where you will find numerous SEO-related jobs. From here, you can bid for the job according to your choice/qualification. Here you will find many small/large jobs in different parts of SEO. You can also gain a lot of experience by working here

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